Journal of Civil Engineering, Planning and Design

Journal of Civil Engineering, Planning, and Design (JCEPD) is published periodically twice a year in May and November.
This journal contains scientific articles relating to the fields of civil engineering, architecture, environmental engineering, and design as well as related topics written in English.

The scopes of Journal JCEPD are:

  • Civil Engineering: Construction Engineering, Construction Management, Transportation, Geotechnics, Hydraulic engineering, Disaster Management

  • Environmental Engineering: water treatment, wastewater treatment, air pollutant control, air quality management, solid waste management, hazardous waste treatment and management, environmental monitoring, remediation, renewable energy, environmental management, and related topics

  • Architecture: Architectural education, Urban Design, and Planning, Sustainable settlement, Green & Sustainable design and structure, history and theory of architecture, Landscape design.

  • Design: Design history, visual culture, design methodology, design process, design discourse, design and culture, sociology design, design management, art, artifact design, product design, visual communication design, photography, interior design, craft, multimedia, creative industry, design policy, and other historical, critical, cultural, psychological, educational and conceptual research in visual art and design.

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    Vol 2, No 2 (2023): Journal of Civil Engineering, Planning and Design

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