Wireless Intelligent Power Switch berbasis Wireless Sensor Network

Ridho Hendra Yoga Perdana, Amalia Eka Rakhmania, Aad Hariyadi


Increasing demand for electricity also implies a rise in conventional energy use, and by using conventional energy, leading to disadvantages such as being environmentally unfriendly as a result of fossil fuel use. The system to be researched is a wireless intelligent power switch. The system will be created using 2 types of resources and each load will be linked to a switch to determine the power distribution. The power distribution decision making involves an artificial intelligence-based on backpropagation neural network. The results of the comparison between the outcomes of Matlab simulation and the anticipated target showed excellent outcomes after testing the system, with accurate 94.3% and delay transmission 5 – 10 second.


Smart Grid; Artificial Intelligent; Neural Network; Renewable Energy; Power Switch


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DOI: https://doi.org/10.31284/j.iptek.2020.v24i1.644


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