Image Retrival Pada Obyek Lingga Yoni Di Situs Peninggalan Sejarah Trowulan Mojokerto

Hendro Nugroho, Febri Liantoni


This study contains about Image Retrieval system image on Lingga Yoni at historical sites Trowulan. In the area Trowulan is a legacy of work Majapahit era where the majority of people it is a Hindu, so many relics found in the form of Linga Yoni which serves as the worship of Lord Shiva. Data retrieval image Yoni Linga Linga Yoni as many as 50 images using a digital camera, and the image size Lingga Yoni 200 x 300 pixels in BMP file format. Stages Image Retrieval system on the study include segmentation stages: (1) Smoothing using the method Pas Low Filter to soften the image of the noise; (2) the extraction step texture by using Region Growing by altering the RGB color image is converted into to facilitate the HSL color groups; (3) Region Region Merging Growing did for the incorporation of color image corresponding to the object Linga Yoni; (4) to get to extraction stage form was originally looking for edge detection using Canny edge; (5) the image is converted into binary form to the morphology using opening and closing. At Stages Image Retrieval 50 Linga Yoni image texture extraction step performed using the 4 corners of each feature value GLCM with Different Inverse Moment IDM to revise the results of Image Retrieval using methods Precision and Recall.

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