Author Guidelines


Use the template provided on the ENVITATS website.


Ensure that the Author completes the metadata when submitting the manuscript through the website, including:

  • Author(s) (ensure all authors are added)
  • Affiliation or organization of the author
  • Email address
  • Phone number for easy correspondence between the editorial team and the author
  • Manuscript title
  • Abstract
  • Keywords (use semicolons as separators, not commas)
  • References

If revisions are required, the Author should update and match the metadata on the website and in the manuscript.


The article should include: title, author's name, author's affiliation, corresponding email, abstract, keywords, introduction, methods, results and discussion, conclusion, acknowledgments (if any), and references.


The abstract should consist of 150-300 words in a single paragraph. It should include the background of the research, objectives, methods, results, discussion, and keywords. If the article is written in Indonesian, the abstract should be in both Indonesian and English. If the article is written in English, the abstract should be in English only. The abstract should include 3-6 keywords arranged alphabetically.


The general writing guidelines are as follows:

  • Use A4 paper size with top, bottom, left, and right margins of 3 cm, 2.5 cm, 2.5 cm, and 1.5 cm respectively.
  • Use Cambria font, size 12, 1.5 spacing, and justified alignment for the entire content.
  • Figure/table titles should be written in Cambria font, size 12, bold, in sentence case with the initial letter of each word in uppercase, and centered. Figure titles are placed below the figures, and table titles are placed above the tables. Figures and tables are numbered sequentially.
  • Equations should be centered, and each equation should be numbered. The numbering should be written sequentially at the end of the equation.


Citations and sources should be consistent. If using Microsoft Word (version 2007 and later), use the References tab to cite sources and create the reference list. Please use Reference Manager Applications like Mendeley or Zotero. Use other published articles in the same journal as models. Select APA from the Style dropdown menu for citation formatting. Choose Works Cited from the Bibliography dropdown menu for the reference list. All sources listed in the reference list must be cited in the body of the text, and only the references cited in the text should be included in the reference list (References, not Bibliography).