Analysis of Generator Transmission System Design with 150 KVA Power and Electrical Interference Protection in 10 KVA Distribution using 8 KVA UPS in ETAP 16.0.0 Software

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In general, in our daily lives, without realizing it, we encounter electrical disturbances that we cannot see by eye, namely among them the voltage drop or the presence of flicker, which is caused by the large amount of work using dynamic loads, which tend to be dominant using dynamos. ie now we need to know the planning and design with a power of 150 KVA. and of course with frequent power outages, we must have prevention with protection using a UPS with a capacity of 8 KVA for residential areas that are temporary or can be called temporary power source voltage. So that we can carry out urgent or sudden activities for rescue actions so that our work is not lost, so there is still time to back up data.



Etap 16.0.0 , Uninterutible Power Supply , Transmisi , Visio .

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