Analisis Kombinasi Produktivitas dan Durasi Alat Berat Proyek Perataan Tanah Area Lahan Parkir PT. Smelting, Tbk.

Siti Choiriyah, Prodenciana Paula Dos Santos


This project located on the ground with different elevation and to start the project, it must be leveled as in the parking lot project at PT Smelting. Tbk. The equipment used are bulldozers, excavators, and dump trucks. The maximum equipment resources on the project make the productivity of heavy equipment not in accordance with field implementation. We are using descriptive method to solve the problem in this research. This method quiantitively analyze the productivity and duration of work individually and a combination of field and planning to be selected according to timeliness and cost. The results of the combination IV, 1 unit Komatsu D65 EX bulldozer, productivity 7444 m3 / day, duration of 14 days and operating costs Rp 63,215,000, 1 unit Komatsu PC excavator 200 – 8 MO productivity 8385,88 m3/day, work duration 15 days , operational costs Rp 84,900,275.5 units of dump truck nino FM 260 productivity 94.52 m3/day, work duration 22 days and operational costs Rp 430,518,605 with a total work duration of 408 hours


Excavator, Productivity, Duration

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