Analisis Desain Pondasi Strauss Pile Pada Bangunan Rumah Sederhana Gunung Anyar Surabaya

Mila Kusuma Wardani


Construction of a simple 2-story house located in Gunung Anyar, Surabaya with conditions based on an investigation of 19 m deep clay soft soil. The selection of the Strauss Pile Foundation based on the type of soil and building is simple. The calculation of the carrying capacity is calculated based on the Sondir data using the Meyerhoff method. The calculation of the settlement is carried out with an immediate and a consolidated. The calculation of the carrying capacity of the Strauss Pile is using the Meyerhoff method with variations in the diameter of the Strauss pile 20 cm, 30 cm, 40 cm to a depth of 10 m. The selected single pile selected at a depth of 7 m diameter 40 cm has an allowable carrying capacity value of 4.06 tons. From the results of the loading input on the residence using SAP 2000, the maximum load is 20.99 tons. Based on the single pile bearing capacity, the maximum load is 7 piles. Calculation of group piles obtained an efficiency value with 4D uniform pile spacing of 0.82% and a large decrease of 8.5 cm. From the decrease obtained, it still fulfills the decrease in the decrease of < 15 cm based on the U.S.S.R


clay, strauss pile, meyerhoff

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