Evaluasi Kinerja Fasilitas Stasiun Bojonegoro Menggunakan Metode IPA (Importance Performance Analysis) dan Standar Pelayanan Minimum

Amrita D, Alfien May Ferro


Bojonegoro has a large station not far from the center of the city. It is said to be a large station because it has operating facilities, traffic frequencies, and other supporting facilities. The facilities at this station are also quite complete, from the counter service, boarding pass, to self-check-in like at the airport. This study aims to determine whether Bojonegoro Station's service performance is following the Minimum Service Standards (SPM) and find out the satisfaction of service users of the existing facilities at Bojonegoro Station by using the IPA (Importance Performance Analysis) method. The survey was conducted for one day with 100 respondents. For completeness of facilities ranging from special disabled toilets that have been built to the platform being renovated, it meets the Minimum Service Standard. From the Cartesian diagram that goes into quadrant I, most of it is officer and cleaning services. This means Bojonegoro Station must improve the service quality of the officers and the cleanliness of the station.


Important Performance Analysis, Minimum Service Standards, Bojonegoro Station

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