Analisis Karakteristik Parkir, Drop Off dan Pick Up Area Berdasarkan Demand Bandara Juanda Surabaya

Nafilah El Hafizah, Mutiara Firdausi


Juanda Airport as one of airports in Indonesia has served domestic and international flight. Airports are usually located in outlying areas accessible via direct access freeways or transit lines rather than at the center of metropolitan areas restricted by local grid networks, so their market area can be measured. The modes used at Juanda airport are dominated by private vehicles and cab. And it caused a lot of queue in the drop zone area at the peak hour and also needed some additional parking area which has overloaded in capacity. Information on the use of transportation modes is very important to know. This needs sould important in order to maximize the need for facilities related to the use of access modes to the airport. The method used is to identify the use of vehicles that access the airport, evaluate the performance of parking lots, evaluate of pick up and drop off area, evaluate the number of queues at the drop off and pick up area and when if mass transportation is held to provide access modes to the airport. The result shows that private vehicles dominate as vehicles accessing the airport by 87,78% and public vehicles by 12,23%. Peak hours of vehicles arrival at 9 AM. The analysis of the use of the drop off area a queue of vehicles by 87,57% and demand in the parking lots of 60,37%. From the proposal of using mass transportation to reduce queue in the drop zone area by 12,42% and reduction in parking lots demand by 39,62%.


Airport, Parking Lots, Drop Off Area, Mass Transportation

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