Suhartini Suhartini, Adi Alfi Mahmudi, Muhamad Rafi Maulana


In the modern era of technological development, the progress of the economic sector has increased very rapidly and has had a significant impact on various fields, including the manufacturing or service industry. So that companies engaged in various industrial fields must be ready to compete with other companies, plus the increasing number of companies that have sprung up. Productivity measurement is crucial for companies to know the level of efficiency and effectiveness in their business processes. Increased productivity is the key to the company's economic progress and significant revenue for the company [1][2], likewise with the company PT. Sawit Mas Parenggean is a company engaged in the agribusiness sector, especially the processing of oil palm fruit, as its main products are CPO (Crude Palm Oil) and PKO (Palm Kernel Oil). To face an increasingly competitive business situation and an increasingly fast- changing environment. Therefore, companies are required to increase their productivity.

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